International Survey of Herbicide-Resistant Weeds

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Amino acid substitutions that confer herbicide resistance to EPSP synthase inhibitors and that were identified in herbicide-resistant weed populations. Intentionally selected (i.e., laboratory selections) are not included in this table.

Cite: Gaines, T.A., and Heap, I.M. Mutations in herbicide-resistant weeds to EPSP synthase inhibitors. Online 7/22/2019.
Amino AcidSubs(1)SpeciesGLY (2)Year(3)Details
Thr 102 IleEleusine indicaR2015Details
 SerTridax procumbensr2018Details
Pro 106 SerEleusine indicar2002Details
 ThrEleusine indicar2003Details
 ThrLolium rigidumr2006Details
 SerLolium perenne ssp. multiflorumr2007Details
 AlaLolium rigidumr2007Details
 AlaLolium perenne ssp. multiflorumr2008Details
 SerLolium rigidumr2008Details
 LeuLolium rigidumr2011Details
 ThrDigitaria insularisr2012Details
 SerAmaranthus tuberculatus (=A. rudis)r2013Details
 SerEchinochloa colonar2013Details
 ThrEchinochloa colonar2014Details
 LeuEchinochloa colonar2015Details
 LeuEleusine indicar2015Details
 SerConyza canadensisr2017Details

1. Amino acid number is standardized to the Arabidopsis thaliana sequence

2. The letters indicate the level of resistance conferred by the mutation
  • S = Susceptible biotype
  • r = Moderate resistance (< 10-fold relative to sensitive biotype)
  • R = High Resistance (> 10-fold)
  • ND = Not Determined
It should be noted that these classifications are generalizations.

3. The year that the mutation was first reported: see details for reference.

GLY = Glycines

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